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Return Policy & Disclaimer

Return Policy

Due to ontractual Reasons with our clients, we do not accept returns and refunds of purchased items in principle. However, unopened items in their original condition can be refundable when returned within 30 days of delivery. Upon receiving the returned items, we will provide you with a refund for the price if the items through the payment methode you had selected when placing your order. Please note that shipping fees, remittance charges, and/or other expenses will be deducted from the refund. Return procedures cannot be done on our website. Please contact us through e-mail before returning an item or claiming a refund. Please note that if you return an item without contacting us first , we will not be able to identify you or verify conditions, thus we may not be able to give a refund. In the e-mail, please include your name, your order number, the catalog number of the item you want to cancel, charged amount from PayPal and the name which the statement is addressed to. And also for security and verification reasons, please contact us by using the same e-mail address registered for your account.

Refund requests should be sents to:


Under no circumstances do we accept returns of opened items. No refund, exchange or replacement can be provided for any item that has been opened (taken out of the original manufacturer's plastic wrap, removed from the packaging in direct contact with the item). Especially when ordering items with limitations of Region codes or areal restrictions such as DVDs.
Please make sure to read through the instructions of your playback machinery thoroughly before placing your orders.

Before returning any items, please make sure to contact us at to obtain an Authorization number.

Defective Items

In case there is a manufacturer's defect, we will provide you with either a full refund or a replacement once returned to Before returning an item, please make sure to contact us at and obtain an authorization number
Please provide a detailed description of the item and its condition.
Unfortunately, should the respective item be out of stock we cannot exchange it, but will provide a refund in full.

DVD Regional Encoding and Language

DVDs from Japan are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, Middle East, and South Africa), with very few exceptions. You need to have a DVD player capable of playing region-2 discs, or you will not be able to view the content of those DVDs.
Occasionally we carry DVDs that are region-free. The region will be indicated in the 詮urther info・ area on the respective products page. If there are no such indication the item is region-2 encoded.

The language(s) indicated under 詮urther info・are the only ones available for audio tracks and subtitles. For example, if a DVD has English subtitles, then "Subtitles: English" is indicated in 詮urther info・ If not, then the DVD does not have any subtitles in English. Similarly, the audio track is only available in the language(s) listed.


All product information, which includes images, weight, and all other details concerning the product, are subject to changes without prior notice. While coolJAPANstore tries to keep the product information up to date at all times, the information displayed on our website may become outdated. Similarly, while availabilities are updated everyday, unexpected delays and shortages may occur. Also in some cases, shipping charges may be subject to change at the time of shipping, such as when actual order weight becomes available, and will be reflected on the charge of the order.