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Using Your Customer Account

Customer Account

Creating Your Customer Account

You can create your customer account either in the process of placing your first order at coolJAPANstore, or anytime by clicking on "create an account."

Forgot Your Password?

If you have forgotten your password click on the link "Password forgotten? Click here' on the login screen and we will send you an e-mail with information how to reset your password.
If you wish to change your password, visit "Account info" anytime.

Order Status/Details/History

If you click on "Order History", you can view the details of your orders as listed below.
Order Number: Your Order Number will be listed here. Please include this number when contacting us about your orders.
Order Status: That Status of your Order will show here.
The Order Status will be shown as Payment Completed, Processing, Shipped or Cancelled. The terms mean the following.

Payment Completed: We have received your order and are in the process of obtaining your items. We will finalize your order as soon as we have confirmed your payment. You can cancel any item from your order whilst under "Payment Completed" status. Please contact us by e-mail to do so, by including your order number, the catalog number of the item you would like to cancel, charged amount from PayPal and the Name which the statement is addressed to. And for security reasons please contact us using the same email address registered to your account. We process orders 1-2 times per business day.
Click here for details of conditions in canceling items.

Processing: Your order has been processed, payment confirmed, and we will ship your order as soon as all the items have become available. When your order is under "Processing" status items cannot be cancelled.

Normally, shipping process is completed in 1-2 days. Once an order enters shipping process, it is not possible to make any change to it, even on our side.

Shipped: Order has been shipped. An EMS tracking number will appear on the details page of your order if the shipping method is EMS (Express Mail Service), However, it may take 1-2 days before online tracking becomes available.

Cancelled: Your cancellation request has been accepted and completed. The refund will be processed through PayPal.

You can also view status for each item as detailed below.

Delayed: Arrival of one or more items have unexpectedly been delayed. We are continuing with our efforts to obtain the item as soon as possible. The expected time for the item to become available will be shown under "Availability.". We will send you an e-mail with information concerning the delay.
If the estimated delay is longer than 3-4 weeks you will be able to cancel the item regardless of order status .Please let us know by e-mail if you wish to cancel an item. Please include your order number, the catalog number of the item, charged amount from PayPal and the billing address. And for security reasons please contact us using the same e-mail address as the one registered to your account.

Making Changes to Your Order/Cancelling Items

Making Changes to Your Items

Once you have completed your order you are unable to make any changes of the items on your account. If the order has entered "Processing" status you are unable to cancel any items from your order. So please make sure to double check your items and other filled in details before you complete your order.
If you are paying by PayPal you cannot make changes to your order (items, shipping address, shipping method, splitting orders, combining orders etc).
To make changes to your orders please contact us by e-mail at Contact us

Return Policy & Disclaimer

Canceling Items

You are able to cancel items while your order status is "Payment Completed" or "Delayed". Once your order enters "Processing" status you can no longer make any cancellations online, unless an item is expected to be delayed for more than 3-4 weeks,. Please contact us by e-mail to cancel items for orders that have entered "Processing" status. Please include your order number and the catalog number of the item you would like to cancel. And for security reasons please contact us by using the same e-mail address as the one registered to your account.

Change Order

You are unable to make the following changes online. However, as long as the order has not entered "Processing", we will make the change on our side, so Please contact us by e-mail, including your order number and the catalog number of the item you would like to cancel. For security reasons please contact us by using the same e-mail address as the one registered to your account.

* Change Shipping Address: Please sign in to My Account and add the new shipping address first, and then contact us by e-mail. Likewise, if you would like to make corrections to the registered address, please do so in My Account before contacting us.

Change Shipping Method: The shipping charges and the average time for delivery vary depending on the shipping method. We can change the shipping method if it is before "Processing". If you would like to change your shipping method, please contact us by e-mail. *

* Change Payment Method: At the date of September 2009, we only accept payment by Paypal. We plan on renewing the system soon.

Updating Your Account

Changing Your Name, E-mail Address, Password, or Phone Number

All the above can be updated at "Account info". Please make changes as necessary. You will be asked to enter your password twice regardless of whether you have changed the password or not.

Add/Edit Shipping Address

To add a new shipping address to your account, please click on "Address book" Click on "Add address" and fill out the form. If you would like to make changes to the addresses already registered, select the address to edit and make the changes as necessary.

Please note that changes made to the shipping address will only affect future orders. To change the shipping addresses for current orders, either add or edit them in the address book first, and then let us know via Contact us. Please make sure to give us the order numbers and shipping addresses you would like the orders to be sent to. Also, please make sure to contact us through the e-mail address registered in your customer account so that we can correctly identify you. If you do not let us know, any changes made in the address book will not be reflected on your orders.

E-mails sent by coolJAPANstore

Confirmation E-mails

After you have created your account, you will be receiving confirmation e-mails at the address registered in your account. You will also receive confirmation e-mails with a summary of your order after we have received your order and after any changes have been made on your order. Shipping confirmations will also be sent after your order is shipped.

If you do not receive those e-mails above, please check the following:

If those problems occur, please give us your valid e-mail address or white-list e-mails from coolJAPANstore to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Update/Notice E-mails

Availability is updated everyday. However, we occasionally experience unexpected delays. In such occasions, we update your Order Status which you can view through My Account. Also, we send e-mail to let you know about the update. We also e-mail you when items become unexpectedly unobtainable.

* Shipping charges may be subject to an update at the time of shipping, when actual weight of the order becomes available. When that happens, we will contact you in advance to let you know.

We process credit card orders upon receiving authorization from your credit card company. In case we are not able to receive authorization, we will notify you by e-mail.

My Product Notification

You can subscribe/unsubscribe to our newsletters when creating your account or by clicking on the link "Item Alert" at any time.

Customer Reviews

Please give us feedback so we can improve your shopping experience and help other customers make purchase decisions. It only takes a few easy steps to become a coolJAPANstore online reviewer. But before you begin please read the guidelines below.

Review Guidelines

Please make sure the review focuses on your own thoughts about the item.

The review needs to be longer than 15 letters.

You cannot use HTML.

Please make sure to grade the item under "Rating".

Only one review may be posted per customer on any item.

Reviews cannot be deleted once they have been posted.

Once a review is submitted it will become the sole property of coolJAPANstore (coolJAPAN inc.).

Please refrain from including any of the following in your review, or it may be subject to deletion:

Pre-Release Comments

You are able to submit comments on pre-released items.

Please note that the user reviews & comments are the opinions of other individuals, and make your purchase decision on your own.
coolJAPANstore (coolJAPAN inc.) cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the customers reviews.