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Golden Bomber "Odoru Pompokolin" (CD) (EAZZ-0171)

Golden Bomber "Odoru Pompokolin" (CD) (EAZZ-0171)
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Golden Bomber "Odoru Pompokolin"

- EAZZ-0171



1. Odoru Pompokolin

2. Yume Ippai

3. Odoru Pompokolin (Original Karaoke)

4. Yume Ippai (Original Karaoke)


*As on the opening video currently being broadcast, there are also member's voices (Kyan Yutaka, Utahiroba Jun, Darvish Kenji) included in "Odoru Pompokolin".

*"Yume Ippai"'s vocals are Kiryuin Sho.

*Released as only 1 version.

*There is no special video material included.

*There are no plans for handshake event and/or purchase specials for this single.




* Due to the storage of goods at the artist agency, it may take up to two weeks for this item to be shipped from Japan after the payment has been completed. Thank you for your understanding.