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elements,H Side print one-piece dress (022712P*)

elements,H Side print one-piece dress (022712P*)
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elements,H Side print one-piece dress (022712P)

A cross bone skull collaged with antique motifs printed on the side.


Textile: Outer fabric Cotton 50% Modale 50%

Size: Length 85~95cm (droops at the back) / Shoulder width 35cm / Width 98cm / Sleeve length 40cm

Demerit: Please handle with care due to embroidery.

Washing instructions: Can be washed by hand


Antique motif skull print (both sides)

Right side / Mask strawberry embroidery

Color: LG…Light grey / BK…Black


For this product, you can choose from the color below.

* One product per selection will be prepared.

Color : LG / BK


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* The size and color can not be changed after purchase. Please be careful.


* Due to the storage of goods at the artist agency, it may take up to two weeks for this item to be shipped from Japan after the payment has been completed.

Thank you for your understanding.