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Cat Ear Hoodie with Ribbons

Cat Ear Hoodie with Ribbons Cat Ear Hoodie with Ribbons Cat Ear Hoodie with Ribbons
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Cat ear ribbon hoodie

Cute hoodie with cat ears and tail. 

There is frill and ribbons on the front and bottom so it's very girly !

A design with beautiful line, so you can also match it with skirts and pants and use it like a one-piece.


Main colors are black and white, ribbons come in red, pink and black with total of 6 different sets.

The ribbons on sleeves and pockets are attached with safety pins so you can take them off and put them on place of your choice.

* Tail and tail ribbon can not be taken off.


- Contents: Hoodie + 4 safety pin ribbons

- Size: M-size (Measurements when laid down)

Length: Appr.  76cm / Shoulder width: Appr.  36cm / Bust: Appr.  84cm / West: Appr.  78cm / Sleeve length: Appr.  19cm / Tail: Appr. 49cm 



- Black x Black (Hoodie/Ribbon) (SOLD OUT)

- Black x Pink (Hoodie/Ribbon)

- Black x Red (Hoodie/Ribbon)

- White x Black (Hoodie/Ribbon)

- White x Red (Hoodie/Ribbon)


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