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Tooth pick case (Cat)

Tooth pick case (Cat)
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Tooth pick case (Cat)

Tooth pick case which has a cat on it who will give you your tooth picks one by one.

It only gives one out when you need to use one, so it's very hygienic. Also the tooth picks won't spill even if you accidentally knock it over. Perfect for people who want to have cats on their tables.


- Size: Appr. 7.8 x 3.5 x 8.8cm

- Material: Case: ABS resin / Weight: Ceramic



- No tooth picks included.

- Please use tooth picks sold in stores. You can not use tooth picks over 7cm of length and with over 3mm diameter.

- You can set in 25 tooth picks on both sides of the cat (total 50). If you put in more than that, the tooth picks are going to fall out when you move the cat up and down.


* It might take around 2~3 weeks for this product to be shipped. Please understand beforehand.