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Musical "Touken Ranbu" Trial Concert DVD (EMPV-0001)

Musical "Touken Ranbu" Trial Concert DVD (EMPV-0001)
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Musical "Touken Ranbu" Trial Concert DVD (EMPV-0001)

Taking reservations for Musical "Touken Ranbu" Trial Concert DVD!


Popular PC Internet Game "Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-" has been made into a musical !

Now you can finally get this super popular DVD from coolJAPANstore! Check out this long-awaited popular release!


*There is no special reservation gift. Please understand beforehand.


Release date: 2016.02.25(Thu)

Price: 7,000yen + tax

Number: EMPV-0001

Contents: Main version (1st and 2nd part) + Special movie (2 DVD discs)


[Contents for main video (1st and 2nd part)]

The movie on the DVD is a director's cut version, so it is different from the archive video material available at


[Special movie contents]

- Rehearsal material, interview

- Backstage video material

- Live viewing comment

- Final day special curtain call

- PV "Touken Ranbu"

*There might be changes in the order of the contents in special movie, so please understand beforehand.


* Due to the storage of goods at the artist agency,
it may take up to two weeks for this item to be shipped from Japan after the payment has been completed.
Thank you for your understanding.



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