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[End of Sale] Kimi no Uta (Reservations Limited Edition F)

[End of Sale] Kimi no Uta (Reservations Limited Edition F)
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Title: Kimi no Uta

Artist: Touken Danshi team Sanjou with Kashuu Kiyomitsu

- Release Date: 2016/07/06


- Reservations Limited Edition F [CD+DVD]

- Kashuu Kiyomitsu Main Jacket

- EMPC-0021


Reservation period: ~ 2016/05/29

Shipping period: Mid-July (Planned)


[ DISC ]

- CD -

01. Kimi no Uta

02. Egaiteita Mirai e

03. Kimi no Uta (Original Karaoke)

04. Egaiteita Mirai e (Original Karaoke)


- DVD -

PV "Kimi no Uta"

PV "Kimi no Uta" - Kashuu Kiyomitsu ver. -


[ Please be careful ]

* This CD is a reservation product.

* The products ordered together with this product can not be shipped separately, so please be careful. (Please order normal products in a different order)

* After making the order, you can no longer add products, change quantity or cancel the order.

* The periods considering this product might be changed. Please understand.


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